Exercise Classes

Gabh Pilates

Core Strength & Stretch

Individualised exercise-based group physiotherapy  for improving core stability, breathing control and flexibility.

Pilates-based exercises are often used in conjunction with physiotherapy as a means of treating a variety of injuries and focuses on the retraining and recruitment of stabilizing muscles (core stability) as well as improving posture, strength and flexibility.

 Group physio is:

* Individualised

*Tailored to your condition/needs

*Small groups <6

 *Treats a variety of conditions(Chronic pain, variety of musculoskeletal conditions, neurological conditions)

If you would like to join our CSS group please contact us to see if our classes are suitable for your needs, and book an appointment  with our physiotherapist instructor to assess the suitability of our classes for you. If our classes are unsuitable, our physio will be happy to create an individualised core stability program for you.

Please talk to us about how to claim from your health fund (Group Physiotherapy Classes, code 560). 

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NOTE: This class is currently not being offered. Please let reception know if you are interested. 


Gbah BalanceBalance and Strength

These small group sessions consist of gentle exercises targeted at improving functional strength, body awareness and balance. Combined with education these classes will improve your confidence and decrease the likelihood of falls.

Each participant is assessed before starting so individuals needs can be addressed and a personal plan for ongoing exercise aims can be developed.

This program is aimed at people with concerns about their balance, or those recovering from pain or injury that has led to some weakness or balance deficits. It is instructed by a physiotherapist.

Class: BAS
Time: 10-11am
Day: Thursday
Venue: Goonellabah Physiotherapy
Instructor: Jacob Follent

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NOTE: Due to the current pandemic situation, this class is on pause. 



Next Steps

Exercise-based cancer rehab.

Next Steps is a group exercise program for men and women who have completed their main cancer treatment and want to take the next step on their road to recovery. 

The program is a combination of cardiovascular, yoga, and pilates exercises that provides a workout specifically  designed to rebuild stamina, flexibilty, and strength. Weekly education handouts are included. 

The program runs for 1 hour/week for 10 weeks, and is suitable after any type of cancer and treatment. 

Therapist: Danika Kingston 

Danika is a Physiotherapist, Lymphoedema therapist and certified PINC cancer rehab therapist. She completed her Next Steps training in 2018.

This class is currently being offered online with weekly follow up video calls. Please contact reception if you are interested so we can organise a pre-class assessment for you.