In December 2015 the New York Times released an interesting article about the iHunch. Cuddy bought to the forefront the connection between posture and mood.  She mentioned “your physical posture sculpts your psychological posture” (Cuddy, 2015).  However, the most alarming aspect of her article is the notion that our technology devices are transforming how we hold ourselves and contorting our postures.

It’s startling how many people including myself are hunching over some sort of technology device everyday, whether it be a smartphone, iPad or computer. Cuddy (2015) explains, “the next time you reach for your phone, remember that it induces slouching, and slouching changes your mood, your memory and even your behaviour”.

It takes conscious awareness and discipline to correct our posture during our busy days. Rolling your shoulders up and backwards is a great way to correct your posture when using any kind of technology.

Here is physiotherapist Una Fahey demonstrating how easy it is to correct your posture when sitting at a computer.


By Olivia Geggie