Week Five 12 09 2013

1. Exercise

Resistance training has been scientifically shown to have many benefits both physically and psychologically to the body. It really plays one of the major roles in keeping our body healthy and strong. To achieve the most effective results:

  • Try and challenge your body regularly. What does not challenge you will not change you.
  • Have a set schedule/program of exercises that you are doing when you go to the gym, otherwise the results will reflect the routine.
  • Try exercises that combine lots of muscles and joints at the same time, with movements for the similar muscle groups, but different planes/actions. I.E. pushing out in from (a push-up) and pushing overhead (overhead DB presses).
  • Have a friend spot/help/train with you. It will keep you safe and will make you accountable to turn up.
  • Try using your own body weight as the resistance in the outdoors, to help invigorate you for the day and enjoy the beauty of the environment.

These tips should help you with some variety and an idea on how to plan successful sessions for your body.

2. Nutrition

Some great health advice on various conditions from Adelle http://bodybalancenutrition.com.au/nutrition-for-health/

3. Life Tip.

Give a small amount of time to those who you are talking to without interruption. These days there are so many ways to be distracted with technology and the world in general, we sometimes are not in the moment when we should be. The gift of time is one of the most precious things we can pass on.

4. Exercise routine of the week.

This week I will suggest a short routine and how to lay it out to suit a circuit type format. Each exercise is completed for 1 minute, then move onto the next exercise without a break. Once you complete one circuit, rest for two minutes, and then repeat the format.

Push-ups – your choice of type

Squats – Jump wide or normal

Bent over rows – with a bar weight

Towel or mat – plank for 1 minute

Dips – ground or others

Squat into a kick

Upright rows – weight, bar or bands

Towel or Mat – plank for 1 minute

Always have a good warm up before you start and a cool down and stretch afterwards.

5. Wise Words

If you are not making mistakes, you are not doing anything.

Have a great August everyone, and enjoy life. David.


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