Welcome to this week’s Five from David

Your exercise tip:

This is the year of regular exercise for health. These three tips will help it be more successful:

1. Have alternative plans in place if you cannot get to an exercise session for some reason.

 An example of this would be a body weight exercise session worked out for home, if you cannot get to your PT session.

2. Have your diary worked out before hand and prepare the clothes the night before.

If you just get up and get dressed, with the least hassle, you will roll into your session before you know it.

3. Do not think about how the session is going to be for too long, you will start psyching yourself out!

First thing, do something that distracts you like putting the iPod on and listening to music.

Sometimes it will be cold, put on the gloves and beanie; it will be wet, get the raincoat out; it will be hot, put on your hat, sunscreen and sunnies; it will be dark, put on the light and the

reflective vest. Try your best this year; you do not have to be in the same shape you were at the end of last year, at the end of this year.

Your health tip:

Planning your meals can mean more than better health options. I great point was made to me today (thanks Angela) that if you are going into a shop to pick up two things that you need

because you may not have picked them up while shopping, you always come out with six (and they may not be the best options).

Just like your exercise, if you plan a weekly calendar of food, you are likely to save the budget, save some of your time and help with your health.

The 2015 simple change challenge – keep the weight permanently off.

Now we are into the first week, have you picked out three small changes that will reduce your daily calories by 50 or more? If you have, how did it go? If you have not had the chance, pick them out now, we want to get that ball rolling.

This week make sure you do the following:

1. Plan your exercise for the coming week, with alternatives (175 minutes this week).

2. Keep the three things going, or start them. You may need a different three for each day, depending on what your routine is like. Try not to make the changes complicated or you just will not follow them.

3. Try planning your lunch meals out, making it a health choice all week.

Your life tip:

If you are not getting time to eat and you are looking for quick foods and supplements to keep your

health going, maybe you should look at your lifestyle rather than diet.

This week’s wise words:

In school, we are taught a lesson then given a test.

In life, we are given a test that teaches a lesson.

Have a great week and keep healthy in 2015.

Regards David.


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