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World Continence Week – June 19-25

World Continence Week Australians are being urged to take the matter of incontinence more seriously during World Continence Week, particularly in light of disturbing new data that suggests the majority of women affected simply laugh it off. Incontinence affects 4.8...

March 2018 is Lymphoedema Awareness month in Australia

What is Lymphoedema?
*The lymphatic system is our body’s ‘sewerage system’.
*It maintains fluid levels in our body tissues by removing all fluids that
leak out of our blood vessels.
*The lymph nodes monitor the lymph flowing into them and produce
cells and antibodies which protect our body from infection and disease.
*The spleen and thymus are lymphatic organs that monitor the blood
and detect and respond to pathogens and malignant cells.
*The lymphatic system plays an important role in the absorption of fats
from the intestine.
*When the lymph system is not formed well or has been damaged by
surgery, radiotherapy or tissue damage, a swelling of a part of the
body may occur (most commonly the legs or arms). When this swelling
lasts more than about 3 months it is called lymphoedema.
*When its not functioning well the lymph system may have a role in
obesity, Crohn’s disease and other disorders.

Knees for Mobility include Balance and Strength Exercises .

Many knee exercises using varied equipment can be worthwhile to help maintain your balance & strength. Once you have consulted a professional to help organise a program, continue either in a group, gym or home based, your mobility benefits will be seen in no time. Remember when as a child you would walk along a line or crack in the pavement, this is a good practice even as an adult. So the care of your knees is very important in all exercises undertaken.

Ankle and Wrist Sprains

Our Physiotherapists treat all degree of sprains including help with bandaging, braces, and hire of crutches if the patient needs to keep off the foot to help in the healing process.

Physical Activity for Older Adults

Significant health benefits are seen in adults aged over 65yrs and older who participate in regular physical activity. Older adults need to evaluate their level of fitness prior to commencing which  physical activity level they should undertake. Consult a GP if you...

What is Lymphoedema

The lymphatic system is a network of vessels and nodes throughout the body that transports fluid (lymph) from the body tissues back to the bloodstream. The functions of the lymphatic system are to maintain the volume and protein concentration of the extracellular fluid in the body and to assist the immune system in destroying pathogens and removing waste products from the tissues

Playing with the family Pet for Exercise

Playing with the family pet is a great way to help you stay fit and healthy. Just being outdoors with “man’s best friend” is not only having a good companion by your side, but the two of you are exercising and looking after the muscles that keep you on that right healthy road


Hydrotherapy also known as Aquatic Physiotherapy is a gentle medium ideal for restoring mobility and function. The water provides buoyancy, warmth, and compressive force that can relieve pain, reduce swelling, and improve movement.  Hydrotherapy can be a stepping...